Standard and Custom…Choices for Specific Applications

Specifying the KellyTube System best suited to your application begins with identification of a carrier that will best accommodate the materials you will be moving through the system between sending and receiving locations. The carrier selected will determine the system size, design parameters and ultimately the cost of the KellyTube System required. Consider the following:
  • End Opening, side opening, telescoping/center opening, screw cover, swivel top, twist open and custom specialty designs
  • Available: 2 ¼”, 3”, 4”, 4 ½”, 6”, 8” and 4” x 7” oval
KellyTube offering carrier pneumatic tube system
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  • Accommodates liquid and solid samples
  • Transport cash, paperwork, chemicals, plastics, petroleum products, sensitive materials, electronics, assembly components, food, hot metal test pieces, slabs, powders, sheets and more
  • Handles containers of all types and sizes – bags, bottles, boxes, cans, pouches, vials, test tubes and more

  • Carrier materials range from soft molded plastics, transparent and durable “Lexan” and other impact resistant plastics to steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  • Stock inventory of standard carriers and stock custom carriers for new customers and existing customer
  • Extensive parts available for Kelly and competitive brands
  • Quick service on carriers repaired and rebuilt in our shop

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