KellyTube offering cash-secure pneumatic tube systemKelly Systems is a leader in the design, engineering and installation of cash-secure pneumatic tube systems. The cash-secure systems operate with proven pneumatic tube technology under the control of PC based software. From vault rooms and secure counting rooms (to and from), front end registers, cash stations and cash collection areas, the Kelly cash-secure system is proven to be the answer for loss prevention and personnel needs.

The Kelly Cash Secure System is ideal for mass merchandise stores, department stores, grocery stores, casinos, theaters, amusement parks, sporting venues, parking garages or anywhere else cash is handled. The Kelly Cash Secure System is proven to reduce the risk of loss from theft and becomes a personnel safeguard.

Customers include: Albertson’s, AMC Theaters, Budget Rent A Car & Truck, Cinaplex Theaters, Cinemark Theaters, The Home Depot, J.C. Penney, Odeon Theaters, Sears, Sony Theaters, Target Stores, Walmart and many independent retail merchants as well.

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