Kelly Systems Provides Cash-Secure Solution

Client: The Home Depot
Date: May, 2003
Application: Cash Transfer System
Result: Loss Reduction & Improved Productivity

sample conveying system service by kelly tube systemChicago, IL: Kelly Systems, Inc. was contracted by The Home Depot to custom design, engineer and install a new loss-prevention pneumatic tube system in its stores. The Home Depot had been using pneumatic tube systems for several years prior to that, but was unsatisfied with the competitor’s system reliability and lack of loss prevention features.

The Home Depot’s stated goal was to implement a highly reliable tube system that was both easy to use and rich with features critical to loss prevention such as detailed transaction histories, error recording, carrier tracking, and password protected security modes.

After several focus group meetings, and subsequent planning sessions with key Home Depot personnel from Loss Prevention, Construction, Store Planning, Maintenance, Vault and Cashiers, Kelly’s engineers prepared detailed System and Software Specifications for implementation of this highly sophisticated System. Kelly presented its CASH-SECURE System Plan to The Home Depot at The Home Depot headquarters in Atlanta, GA. They loved the System and immediately started implementing them in their new stores. Shortly thereafter, they also began to replace their existing systems with the Kelly Cash-Secure System. The Home Depot was particularly pleased with Kelly’s PC based logic, loss prevention features, sophisticated transaction tracking, security modes, and enhanced computerized error detection and correction, all viewable from a 15” computer monitor. The Home Depot was also pleased with Kelly’s use of rugged metal tubing and station construction as opposed to the PVC systems they were provided by competitors.

The results were immediate. The Home Depot has been purchasing Kelly Cash Secure Tube Systems continuously since 1998 and continues to do so today

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