Carrier Order Gets Cars Started

Client: Honda
Date: June, 2003
Application: Ignition Switches to Production Line
Result: KellyTube Carrier System Gets Right Ignition to Right Car

Honda of America faced a special problem in moving ignition switches across its massive production facility. The issue, of course, was to have the right ignition switch arrive at the right production line at the right time for the right car.

Kelly Systems worked closely with factory engineers and production specialists to design a unique system that dispatched the ignition switches every 50 seconds, 2 shifts a day, 7 days a week. The carriers are easy loading and the receiving mechanism insures the carriers do not get out of order ensuring the right part to the right line.

The specifications called for at least 30 loaded carriers to be stored in proper order in the receiving line at any one time. The lines, in many cases, extend beyond 2000 feet and have been in operation for over 6 years with virtually no problems. It was critical that the KellyTube Carrier System perform error-free as the complete assembly line would “shut down” if the ignition switch did not arrive at the right spot at the right time. The exacting specifications called for zero tolerance and Kelly Systems delivered.

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