Steel Mill Duty Sample Transport System

Client: U.S. Steel/Gary Works
Date: May, 2003
Application: Sample Material Transport
Result: Labor & Energy Cost Savings

Kelly Steel Mill Duty sample transport systems play an integral role in the iron and steel making process at one of the world’s largest and most productive integrated steel mills in Gary, IN.

These KellyTube Sample Transport Systems are designed to endure the extreme tests of time and brutal weather along the Lake Michigan shoreline and the harsh steel mill environment while providing consistently reliable, fast and efficient delivery of time-sensitive test samples from 20 different Blast Furnace, Hot Metal, BOP, LMF and Continuous Casting stations into three different testing laboratories.

Extensive labor and energy cost-savings, productivity gains, as well as plant-safety goals are achieved here on a daily basis with KellyTube Sample Transport Systems versus carrying hundreds of samples by hand to the various laboratories.

While many of these KellyTube SampleTransport Systems were recently installed, many date back over 30 years or more and are upgraded and maintained with full compatible, state-of-the-art KellyTube carriers, parts and equipment to ensure continued cost savings and productivity gains.

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